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No escape! Won't escape?

What does the digital body mean to us? I inquire that question with this unique interactive 3D environment. This is a room that you can not escape. I put my interest in social media, which was emerging in the recent decade, along with Web 2.0.
We are living in a highly digitalized world, where deconstruction and reconstruction are continuously in process. We get to know someone through comments online through content people posted on social media. What we encounter is not 'the person' anymore, but the digital bodies presented to us. And, the same person's digital body can be contrasting for different audiences.
Are we all like the player, deconstructing each others' identities, meanwhile being deconstructed by others, and trapped in social media, no escape? Or is it the right question to raise?

by the way, you do not have control on end or start this digital space (well, at least in this webpage), this is by purpose, no escape.

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Creative Practice